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  A view of our company itself  
  Storage and precleaning joints  
  DAMAS screen  
  HEID separator  
  MAG stoner  
  DAMAS trommel for rocks  
  SORTEX Z series colorsorter equipments  
  SORTEX Z series colorsorter equipments  
  Controller touchpad of the SORTEX Z series equoment  
  Bühler hulling machine  
  KAISER compressor and cooling system for SORTEX machine  
  The cleaned godds are ready for transportation  
  Roasting apparatus  
  Equipment to bag the different goods with a an extremely strong magnet  
  The goods are are kept registed during the whole procedure  
  In 2011 with the support of the EU and the Hungarian Government a sweeping machine and a cooler system have been installed.  
  Sweeping machine  
  Cooler system  
  Cooler system  
  Buckwheat hulling machine